5 Tips for Playing Roulette

5 Tips for Playing Roulette

Roulette, either the American or European version, is largely a game of chance and luck. For this reason, it is one of the most popular games at most live roulette or casino as anyone from any skill level can play; and possibly win. However, this can also make Roulette a frustrating game for player’s who like to up their odds by using skill tactics. Fortunately, there are a skill tactics you can employ in Roulette.

Top Five Tips for Playing Roulette

1. Spread out your bank roll. Individual games of Roulette are completed very quickly. While this is great for the excitement level; it can be bad for your bank roll. Typically, the longer you stay in a game, the better your odds are of coming out casino bonuses. To achieve this, divide out your bank roll going in. Do not place all your money on one bet in the first round of Roulette, but do not bet so conservatively that you never win any money either.

2. Start off betting even money bets. While even money bets may not be as thrilling, the odds of winning are higher. If you start the first few rounds of Roulette using even money bets you up your odds of increasing your bankroll. A larger bankroll will help you stay in the game longer.

3. Bet on the odd or even number sets to increase your odds. Unlike betting on a birthday, anniversary, or lucky number- placing your bet on all the odd or all the even numbers increases your chances of winning. The Roulette ball must land on either an odd or even number; meaning you have a 50/50 chance of winning that round.

4. Bet on the pocket colors instead of numbers. Like betting on all the odd or all the even numbers, betting on a pocket color gives you 50/50 odds of winning that round of Roulette. There are only two colors on the Roulette wheel, red and black, by placing a bet on one of them you have a good chance of winning. Check the best online roulette.

5. Increase your odds by betting on a neighbor of numbers. Placing a bet on your luck number is fine, and many people enjoy playing Roulette this way- it adds a level of excitement to the game. However, by placing your bet on a larger set of real time gaming, you greatly increase your odds of winning. Try placing bets on a series of numbers when you first start out at the Roulette table, and switch to betting on your lucky number once you have developed a larger bank roll.


With a little strategy you can take the game of Roulette to a whole other level. Advanced gamblers often avoid games like Roulette, but strategy can be applied- increasing both bank roll and overall enjoyment.